Joe Lemire and his riding partner Kelli Lemire have been married (to each other) for 26 years. They bought their first motorcycle together while they were dating over 30 years ago. They bought their 1st Harley Davidson motorcycle in 2013, their 2nd in 2014 and their most recent in 2015.

Joe and Kelli have been leading rides since 2013 and they love the experience of finding a destination and planning the longest, most scenic routes they can find. Kelli is an outstanding navigator and ensures we never miss a turn.

Earl and Jen are motorcycle riding enthusiasts taking advantage of the year-round riding weather offered in Florida. Being married for over 20 years and riding together for five, they lead multiple rides consisting of small and large groups to interesting destinations on scenic and exciting roads.

Leveraging Jen’s travel agent experience and Earl’s passion for riding, their favorite rides to plan are overnight trips with great roads and activities at the destination.

Learn the real truth about Earl..

Andy is a retired Naval Officer with over 24 years of dedicated service to our Nation. He has been a qualified Road Captain in a local motorcycle chapter for the last several years leading rides of all sizes covering the southeastern United States.

As a member of the Iron Butt Association, he is always ready for a ride whether it is just around town or covering many miles around the southeastern U.S.

Tom is a retired Process Engineer of 34 years from a local company. He’s been riding since 1994 and has been a Road Captain in a local motorcycle Chapter for 20 years. He has taken 3 advance riding courses and loves to ride.


Tom’s favorite ride is to meet at the Jacksonville Beach Pier parking lot to watch Sunrise on the beach. Then a leisurely ride North or South along the Atlantic Ocean while the sun rises into the morning sky. You’ll arrive at a local restaurant for a sumptuous breakfast. If desired the North route can include a short Ferry ride on the only operating Ferry in Florida. This mid-summer ride can have you to your final destination before the summer heat and humidity kick in.


Tom’s adventures were 2 rides from Jacksonville, Fl to Los Angeles, California with a lot of stops between. He did the Pacific Coast Highway from Arcata, Ca to LA, CA during one of these trips.